Who Who Who’s Got a Crush on You?

Everyone’s invited to the best slumber party ever, featuring MASH notes, practice-kissing, Dream Phone®, and all the other things we weren’t allowed to do when we were little boys.

Put on your best PJs, and pull up a pillow while we call friends, get clues, and find out which guy really likes us.

Created & Performed by: Johnnie Walker, Morgan NorwichAdam Bourret, Jordan Tannahill, Mark Shyzer and Michael D. Lorsch

Designed by Stephanie Avery and Nicole Bazuin

Stage Managed by Mark Aikman

Choreography by Kendall Forde

Vocal Coaching by Mike LeSage and Linda Gallant

Previously performed at: The Rhubarb Festival


“A wishful, nostalgic teen daydream.” – Xtra!