An Especially Maude-Lynne Xmas

Maude-Lynne is back! Exiled from her own family’s Christmas celebrations, everyone’s favourite expert on Victorian gothic literature and the Internet has organized her own Xmas spectacular, complete with carols, presents for the audience, and an interactive pantomime.

Featuring accompaniment from Maude-Lynne’s long-suffering boyfriend Colin and surprise video cameos from ghosts of Nobody’s Business Theatre’s past!

Written by Morgan Norwich & Johnnie Walker

Directed by Johnnie Walker

Starring: Morgan Norwich and Peter Cavell

Previously performed at: Videofag


“Everything about An Especially Maude-Lynne Xmas is perfect… Bring a friend. Bring a lover. Bring your mother. But, above all else, go: go and see this wonderful, wonderful show. Just go.” – Mooney on Theatre